Monday, May 1, 2017

Immortalis - Incidium de Mortuis (1991)

    Immortalis is one of the many forgotten one album bands of the early '90s death metal scene. But 'Indcidium de Mortuis" includes an genuine feeling that doesn't let the listener to simply skip listening and to go forward.
   It's a raw album, the endeavors of a beginner band to find it's own style could be sensed. The guitar themes are not well developed yet everywhere, but the main view is kind of stunning for a start. The vocal style is often changing, basicly deep growling that could end up in insane screaming. Occasionly catchy atmosphere is appearing by keyboards or in intros, that giving some cold netherworld impression to the music, and also serving as light breaks from the noisy hammering. In the case of Immortalis not the intensity was in focus but the main feeling. In middle way with brutality and with an awesome atmosphere this album includes all features why old school death metal could be liked.

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