Saturday, May 6, 2017

Demolition Hammer - Epidemic of Violence (1992)

   Demolition Hammer rumbled in to the New York underground metal scene in the late '80s, and their first album, "Torturing Existence" came out in 1990.
   That was the epilogue of the old school thrash scene, metal music went even further in extremity, and that had an influence on Demolition Hammer's music too. Even though the first album had a low budget, the sounding was stunning and it was fit to the actual tendencies. In "Epidemic of Violence" their musical ambitions fulfilled and this album became their most remarkable one. Includes the old school thrash features such as the early '90s extreme metal's frenzied aggressiveness and rough sounding. Compered to the debut, "Epidemic of Violence" is wilder, more intense and reaches the border of a specific style. Even in lyrics more bloodthirsty topics they preferred lately. Excellent themes and sounding are the main parameters of this album, simply a thrash metal masterpiece.

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