Friday, June 30, 2017

Lemming Project - Hate and Despise (1992)

   In the death metal genre some old school German bands represented a genuine direction, and between these "weird ones" Lemming Project took place too.
   For first hearing "Hate and Despise" might not sound like anything remarkable, fits to the ordinary rules of the genre, but as the listener pays more attention, a very distorted world might be revealed during listening. Maybe it's not so ordinary at all, not the usually death metal riffs are evolving, but some sick musical expression that might be good to musically illustrate the symptoms of insanity. The concept is different, but the main feeling reminds to Incubator for some reason, even though exaggerated changes and catchier melodies were not usual at Lemming Project. The themes are complex and sometimes close to technical ambitions, but despite the sickness there is some balance on the album in general that made this music interesting. A genuine and unfortunately underrated classic of the genre!

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