Friday, June 30, 2017

Oomph! - Oomph! (1992)

   Germany was the birthplace of industrial music, and as the style slowly in progress, the German scene was easily distinguished from the American's and these two became the genre's most important scenes.
   Involving rock and metal features and giving a darker shade to electonic music wasn't someting new in the early '90s, but it was spreading quite slow. Oomph! influenced mostly by Skinny Puppy, tried to find their musical ambitions from the basics. Their debut sounded typically like an album from the '80s, and similar to Skinny Puppy, included a dark atmosphere. The concept was the same too. Rusty vocals, unfriendly, sometimes horroristic feeling and completely unusual lyrical topics. So once again instead of some superfacial "live-for-tonight" careless feeling, dark clouds gathered over the dancefloor to overflow the unsuspicious audience with their poisoning acid rain. Fortunately from many sides it was welcome too and a remarkable alternative scene (Neue Deutsche Härte) was found in Europe.

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