Sunday, May 21, 2017

Controlled Bleeding - Penetration (1992)

   Controlled Bleeding is known as an anti-music project, that's always trying to find various ways to experiment with producing sound pollution. Probably the most sensitive audience is able to distingiush which music genre had influence on their actual noise, but fortunately the band had a very short period which was way different from their ordinary concept.
   In the early '90s they experimented with the mix of industrial and metal, and this led them to a bit wider success too. They started a side project called Skin Chamber, which was probably the most exaggerated industrial music that was ever made. Their current interest had influence on the main project too, and "Penetration" was made in a similar concept. The album leads back to the '80s sound of industrial mixed with metal, but in a more moderate way like in Skin Chamber. Still the suffocating screaming vocals and the mostly violent, aggressive lyrical topics creating some strong contrast with the brigther, '80 industrial noises, that are occasionally getting some plus dark tone. The main feeling could remind to old Skinny Puppy. The simple, but catchy guitar themes pulling this interesting mix together. "Penetration" definitely could be sorted to the two Skin Chamber albums, and creates a whole with them. A less known, but strongly recommended masterpiece for the fans of metal influenced industrial noises!

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