Friday, August 11, 2017

Rottrevore - Iniquitous (1993)

   Who said that death metal can be only about gory, horror inspired topics, war and blasphemy? After Christian death metal the appearence of other alternative topics is everything but surprising.
   Rottrevore played excellent and high quality death metal, and "Iniquitous", their one and only full-lenght album is one of the noisiest and most brutal ones of the early '90s death metal scene. But the heavily distorted deep growlings are about everyday's problems. The way how people became the puppets of society, the helpless vicitms of political strategy. Horror in real life so to say, and there is certainly some analogy between fictional horror and everyday's struggles. Except the second is less spectacular, does not effect everyone drastically, and not anyone can sense it's destructive progress. So political and societal topics could fit the same way into extreme music, and the heavier musical background could give more seriousness to the main message than alternative rock or punk music for instance. But "Iniquitous" became an old school classic mainly because of it's musical parameters and heavy sound.

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