Saturday, August 12, 2017

Banished - Deliver Me unto Pain (1993)

   Banished was the same project like Baphomet was, but under a new name after they noticed the appearence of a German band with the same name.
   Except their name nothing else changed, they kept playing their haltingly intense and badass music without change. The reason why they are worthy to mention again is that their music became more mature, and they reached the maximum that could be given in their style. A song from "The Dead Shall Inherit" was recorded again on this album, which shows a very direct basis for comparsion about their progression in sound. Already their previous album could be sorted to the best events of the death metal genre, but the top of their musical achievment was probably "Deliver Me Unto Pain". Time proved that the  name change had more unfortunate consequences than advantages. Not only because this album became less known, but as Baphomet they were noted by the main audience. Later after the disappearence of the German Baphomet, they returned to their older name.

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