Monday, August 14, 2017

Disincarnate - Dreams of the Carrion Kind (1993)

   The second wave of the Floridan death metal scene also had some interesting surprises, though it wasn't so overwhelming and influental as the first wave was.
   Disincarnate was a project of James Murphy who was known by cooperating with Cancer, so the band already had a promising reference. "Dreams of the Carrion Kind" was not only a new waved album by name, but in style it was different too. It was musically more developed, complex and includes the features of the late technical ambitions of the genre. It is clear at first hearing. that it's not an experimental project of young, low experienced musicians. Excellent themes following each other on this neatly composed album. The change has already begun that time, but not many bands joined yet to seek a new path in this style. Just like in most genres, complexity is a finishing point, shows that the exact genre starts to get exhausted. It wasn't different in death metal either. Disincarnate's one and only full-lenght album showed wider diversity than it was usual, and it's very close to the style of modern death metal.

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