Sunday, June 25, 2017

Baphomet - Latest Jesus (1992)

   With their second coming, Baphomet followed the most common way of German bands in general, which were known being more experimental than it was usual that time in the extreme scene.
   Their arrival might seem a bit late with their thrash/death music with more traditional speed/heavy metal influences. After "No Anwsers", "Latest Jesus" showed a larger progression in music, sound and in lyrics too. They left the usual horror and gore based lyrics, and focused onto societal and political issues. The themes became more complex, showed a larger diversity and includes even technical ambitions. The album is more intense and sounds more powerful than "No Anwsers" sounded, but of course it couldn't have been any match for the current extreme metal scene to rival with. The heaviness of "Latest Jesus" lies both in the lyrics and in the music. The album was musically more progressive than most of it's coantenouses, and showed a new possible direction of progression by including the musical ifluences of the '80s.

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