Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sleep - Sleep's Holy Mountain (1992)

When first introduced to this album, I probably ignored it for 2 or 3 months until it popped up on shuffle in my player. After that, I probably asked 1239235 people if they had heard this album before because I thought I had discovered some piece of fuzzy timeless stoner metal gold. The album is reminiscent of some of the worlds most classic Black Sabbath era heavy metal, with added doom that brings the album obviously straight out of the early 90's. I have a feeling if I were on drugs when this album came out, it would have drastically spun my young adult life into some drug fueled hippy stoner metal themed dragon ride. Just listen to the first song and you know you're in for a sweet ride. So since I can't achieve that as a functioning adult, I'll settle for switching a black light on and turning the Holy Mountain on. This album has an interesting appeal to the senses, if you're one of those listeners, man, in the sense that this album holds a sort of depth between the musical and vocal aspects; sometimes even sounding like the songs were recorded underwater as heard in "Aquarian". The fantasy projected in this album gives the listener an exercise of the mind. The songs flow well, and despite the "heaviness", the album is an easy, yet memorable listen. 

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