Sunday, May 7, 2017

Accidental Suicide - Deceased (1992)

   A very underrated and barely known album is Accidental Suicide's "Deceased". The cause could be on the side of the unfortunate location and bad distribution is that they played in a style which wasn't so popular that time.
   In musical intensity they couldn't fit into the current tendencies of the extreme scene, because the main features of their music were slow or at least mid speed temo, extented themes, and endless sickness. They could be compared to Autopsy, and not only because of the slow speed and the sick feeling, but their lyrics were also related. Gore, serial killing, the most absurd aspects of life and mostly it's end at the most cruel and revolting way were the preferred topics. In quality they also reached a notable level, because the album is well composed, succeeded to express the main concept, and became one of the sickest records ever. An interesting and probably accidental event in death/doom style from the depths of the early '90s old school death metal scene, wich could define well what putrid sounding is like.

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