Thursday, June 8, 2017

Impaler - Charnel Deity (1992)

   Impaler's "Charnel Deity" is one of the countless forgotten but awesome albums of the old school death metal era.
   Primitive, strongly thrash influenced hammering music with awesome guitar themes. In the ranks of the extreme scene in the middle way in all-round, in sound, quality, aggressiveness, intensity and in vocal style. Typically British death metal so to say, it could be a good example to define that scene by it's features. But musically more mature than most of it's local coetaneouses were, such diversity in themes wasn't so usual, and the best thing is that most of them are quite catchy. No matter how dull sounding old school British death was, it could compense the aggressiveness, but even that couldn't hide or cover their excellent riffings. "Charnel Deity" was the one and only album of the band. Sadly it's a very underrated album as well, it would have deserved more attention than some albums by other bands which lately became the better known classics of the genre.

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