Monday, April 24, 2017

Samael - Worship Him (1991)

   Parallel to the Northern black metal scene, others also stepped on the dark path that was built out by Bathory. In influences partly isolated from that scene, Samael created it's own imaginations in a style that was very deep under ground that time.
   Unlike the Norwegian black metal bands, Samael didn't try to sound more noisy and sizzle than it would be needed, they always endeavor to clear sounding. As much as it's possible in this genre. Instead of extremely fast hammering they preferred mid speed, and slow downs were also common. That was because not the atmosphere was in the focus of their music, but the themes and they also involved melodies. These slower themes resulted a heavier feeling on "Worship Him" than what could be heard on other early black metal albums, and it's catchier the same time. Compared to the style that lately included the ordinary features of black metal, Samael lacks the intensity and the strong atmosphere. This album became an important classic of the genre, because of it's old school sound and the alternative direction they showed.

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