Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sickening Gore - Destructive Reality (1993)

   An enjoyable old school hammering-based album was represented by the one and only record of Sickening Gore.
   Even though the name and the visuals may suppose some gore and splatter centered concept, the music stays between the borders of old school thrash influenced death metal albums of the early '90s, with occasional grinding and brutal death references. The short noisy solos and the main themes are typically referring to the features of the Floridan scene, and by the actual influences they tried to spice up the main view a bit. In general it's a more diverse album than most were in the very long line of death metal records of those times, but partly because of their huge amount, "Destructive Reality" simply got lost in the endless mass of extreme metal. The other thing is that it cannot really offer any attention sparking features or moments during it's shorter running time. Still it's a good album with great quality and could be entertaining for the seekers of old school death metal nostalgia.

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