Monday, May 22, 2017

Nine Inch Nails - Broken (1992)

    After the success of their first album, a real big hit came out by Nince Inch Nails which widely exceeded their debut.
   Influenced by Ministry and Godflesh, the "Broken" EP left behind the typically '80s style synthpop influences and the self-tormenting, passive aggressive feeling of "Pretty Hate Machine". It was fully guitar centered, aggressive and had explicit lyrics about society critics and inner struggles. While these inner struggles were introverted on "Pretty Hate Machine", now they turned more extroverted and this unleashing rage assisted by strongly distrorted sound, resulted the heaviest industrial record of those times.
   Nine Inch Nails was always famous about paying attention on the  actual musical tendencies by creating a very high quality record influenced by the current actual directions of the main scene, that lately proved to be strongly influental too. "Pretty Hate Machine" illustrated the late '80s pretty well such as "Broken" includes the main musical features of the early '90s. So it's not only an excellent EP, but an important audio document of a musical period.

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