Monday, April 17, 2017

Gorefest - Mindloss (1991)

   So many excellent extreme metal projects appeared from the Netherlands in the early '90s, like thrown out brimstones from some kind of hell pit on Earth. The Dutch scene was one of the strongest underground scenes that time and had a remarkable influence on the main metal scene.
   Gorefest went through a huge musical progression lately, and earned multiplied success with time, but their most effective and permanent album was their debut. Except the usual features of old school death metal, "Mindloss" operated with common mid speed and very sick melodies which in fusion with deep, rude growling style created a heavy atmosphere. The vocals and the noisy hammering together could give a new definition to the term putrid sounding. To the music the expected heart-warming lyrical topics are assisting about gore and total insanity, wich fitting well to the main feeling. "Mindloss" couldn't be disappointing to anyone who's into the old school classics of death metal.

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