Saturday, October 21, 2017

Misery - Mystic (1993)

   The one and only full-lenght album of Misery showed another alternative way in death/doom metal, which wasn't common at all.
   While most bands operated with melancolic melodies, progression or raw themes and putrid sound, the style of Misery was somewhere in the middle. Not too melodic, not too depressed, not fell into the darkest depths of hopelessness, only included a little bit of all. It's compatible with black metal audience too, because of considerable black influences in sound, feeling and vocal style. These are referring to the oldest manifestation of the genre and mainly the influence of Samael is suspected. The lyrics are also related to that direction, torment, mysticism, occultism and upper dark forces. "Mystic" was one of the first albums which were influenced by black metal out of the genre, since it started the first steps in wider development that time. And it was an extraordinary album in the style of death/doom metal too. A less known old school classic!

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