Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Nominon - Recremation (2005)

   It's not hard to figure out what could be expected from an Swedish death metal band that formed in the early '90s, but had late debut. Authentic old school death metal in Swedish style of course.
   Most similar bands who had the opportunity by the best timing, became classics. Then they changed style from the mid '90s or tried to experiment to renew their music. But bands like Nominon didn't change anything, only kept playing high quality death metal. It's partly because they didn't feel the need to try the failed steps of others that mostly didn't work out well, and partly because there was no renewing force anymore, old school style gained a classy position. Nominon's intense, groovy death metal seems like cannot lose from it's unstoppable swing. Even if their music cannot show anything that wasn't introduced already 15 years earlier, it's very enjoyable in it's simple form. "Recremation" is like a collection of excellent themes, like if it was an encyclopedia of death metal in audio form that shows the most important features. Names like Carnage, Entombed and Unleashed might come into mind while listening. Their music summons authentically the same feeling that is quite hard to reproduce without copying the classics of the genre. Especially for newer bands, but it took some time until a new wave  of old school death metal appeared in the extreme scene.

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