Saturday, November 11, 2017

Hellchild - Where the Conflict Reaches (1993)

   Even though old school death metal is rare to find in the very small Japanese metal scene, they also couldn't completely avoid the underground wave of the late '80s/early '90s.
    Hellchild is one of the few bands, who survived longer than only 1-2 album releases, and they also count as veterans. "Where the Conflict Reaches" was a strongly thrash influenced death metal album that refers back to the late '80s when they started their rageful hammering carreer as one of the first metal band in Japan and on the whole Asian continent on the side of Sabbat. And a thing in which they were certainly the first: their music didn't sound like Japanese metal, lacked most of the local features (common high yowling, weird musical solutions). The album sounds like any other '90s old school death metal album, intense, heavy, sick. The intensiveness came from the common speed and theme switches, and for the sick impression mostly the vocal style was responsible. The main view reminds to Torchure, and the way how they built up the song structures and their musical concept is similar like in the case of old German death metal bands.

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