Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bloodbath - Traumatic Memories (1992)

    Like most early extreme metal albums from Eastern Europe, "Traumatic Memories" by Bloodbath also didn't remain in the best quality for the after-ages.
   They count as a poineer band of this style in Serbia, founded in the late '80s. The interesting thing about this album is it's various educible influences. It's not an ordinary thrash/death album, more like an experimenting one. Classical heavy metal themes are common, and they occasionally created some melodic theatrical atmopshere by keyboards which in style referring to the '80s. These changes are mostly sudden, unexpected and it's doubtful if they truelly succeeded with their preferred effect. In general it's an intense, aggressive album, but the weaker sound quality and the atmopsheric sound turning it much lighter. "Traumatic Memories" is a far more colorful album than it would be usual from a thrash/death band, creates a bridge and transition between the '80s style and the early '90s extreme metal, by involving both.

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