Friday, September 22, 2017

Torchure - The Essence (1993)

   Even though Torchure formed alongside the first European death metal bands, they were very underrated and their debut had to wait for a while.
   Their first full-lenght album, "Beyond the Veil" sounded quite stunning and heavy for a start. By assumed influences it was like something between Asphyx and early Morgoth. The dirty, noisy sound and death/doom influenced style with common slow and mid speed referred to Asphyx, and the occasional intense hammering parts and the animalistic vocal style was a bit reminding to Morgoth. "The Essence" kept that line, but it became a far more brutal and insane album, while the slower, death/doom themes had shorter role. "The Essense" exceeded the heaviness and the brutality of the first album, and showed a wider range of diversity. The importance of contrast decresed compared to "Beyond the Veil", and it's more like one rough, exaggerated mass of sickness and insanity. Though they stayed as a less known and underrated band, their music belongs to the most enjoyable classics of the death metal.

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