Sunday, July 23, 2017

Disastrous Murmur - Rhapsodies in Red (1992)

   Even though plenty of bands chosed to introduce limitless sickness with their music, not many succeeded on a really impressive level like Disastrous Murmur did with their debut already.
   Since Pungent Stench similar ambitions were not new in Austria, but while the precursos tried to pile up the most absurd collection of hideous things, Disastrous Murmur found it's passion in pure gore. "Rhapsodies in Red" is a masterpiece of the genre in all-round, and could be compared only to the sickness level of Pungent Stench, early Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Autopsy and Accidental Suicide. Heavily wretched sounding vocals guiding the listener into the depths of a slaughter pit, where everything was set on for endless suffering and disgust. Simple, but very catchy themes, excellent noisy and dirty sound that's fits to the style well, and intense, diversive, often grindcore styled drumms are the main characteristics of the album. Perfection in sickness, brutality, insanity and all sort of filth.

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