Sunday, July 23, 2017

Miasma - Changes (1992)

  Miasma belongs to the lots of forgotten bands from the early '90s extreme scene. They had only one full-lenght album, and soon they disappeared after the middle of the decade.
   "Changes" had a catchy and harsh atmoshpere by it's noisy and massive sound. It's a raw album with mostly basic themes, and these are often immature at a few songs and couldn't reach the preferred effect. The main feeling by the sound, the butally deep vocals and the often brutal death-like hammering can compense that weak point. With this comes the endlessly blasphemous concept and lyrics. "Changes" was extraordinary because of it's very noisy sound and intensity that gave such a brutal feeling to their music that was remarkable even in those thimes, when extreme metal was all around and bands rivaled with each other who can show up with a more brutal production. Compared to other bands with similar concept (like Acheron or Deicide), Miasma was fit into that imaginary competition.

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