Friday, November 10, 2017

Death Vomit - Death Vomit (1993)

   Death Vomit was a short living project at the birth of the Russian death metal scene (as the album cover also illustrates).
   Their one and only, and self-titled album was strongly thrash influenced, and included various references to the most reasonable names of the main death metal scene, such as Death, Brutality or Cannibal Corpse. Even though their style, name and visuals may suspect some very gore and splatter centered concept, in lyrics "Death Vomit" is more into illustrating the method of deceasing and it's most morbid and absurd methods, in a horroristic way of course. Various themes and common speed changes making the album musically diverse and enjoyable, while suffocating-whispering vocals giving a wretched impression and murmurring about the alternative and less preferable ways of passing away. Compared to the other albums in that region which were inspired in first line by the '90s death metal wave, "Death Vomit" was amongst the most original ones, and became a pioneer classic.

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