Sunday, May 20, 2018

Electric Wizard - Come My Fanatics.... (1997)

   The new line of doom metal that Cathedral have started in the early '90s, was continued and raised to another level by Electric Wizard.
   Their first album left no doubts about their similar ambitions, but by "Come My Fanatics...." they went even further. The sound became so distorted and exaggerated as it's possible, and redefined the term of heaviness. This slowly rolling stoner/doom noise opened new perspectives for the style and made Electric Wizard to it's new master. The background concept was very simple by the way, it's not different from what Black Sabbath did a few decades earlier and how they became the noisiest band of the '70s. The rough sound didn't increase only the heaviness of their music, but the level of desperate, bitter rage too, that simply floods by the echoing vocal style. And of course made the main view quite unfriendly and demoralizing too. Apocalyptic and witchcraft related lyrics entertaining the listener who certainly can upgrade it's resistance against brain damage after listening this remarkable stoner/doom metal masterpiece.

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