Sunday, May 20, 2018

Morgion - Among Majestic Ruin (1997)

   Morgion lately increased the numbers of romance and melancholy based death/doom bands which were quite popular in Europe from the late '90s. But their full-lenght debut was closer to the ordinary style of the subgenre.
   "Among Majestic Ruins" was probably their best album that still included the heaviness of death/doom, but already stepped through the borders of it's aesthetic-less, raw sound. Melodies and excellent themes took a remarkable role on the side of noisy basics, and these deep growls are no more about desperate suffering or the inevitable arrival of death, but about nature, sorrow and mysticism. The contrast of the two sides created an enjoyable balance, and made the album more diverse than most old school or new waved death/doom albums. A strong atmosphere completing the main view, and often fusioning with the melodies. The occasional return of raw, old school referring themes are nostalgic and refreshing the same time. These returns are very effective after the extented lenght of melancholic melodies. "Among Majestic Ruins" is one of the masterpieces of death/doom metal.

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