Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Pentacrostic - The Pain Tears (1992)

   "The Pain Tears" by Pentacrostic is a less known, but cultic masterpiece, straight from the depths of the infamous Brazilian underground scene.
    Unlike most extreme bands, not the intensity was their first priority, but the heaviness of their music. While plenty of others tried themselves in this direction already in the main scene, similar ambitions were new in South America that time. But Pentacrostic still completely fits into the local scene, cause their music includes features of more styles the same time, such as most South American bands. The most interesting thing is maybe to hear with how simple things they created their own genuine style. Dark atmosphere and the cawing vocal style giving an impression that could remind to black metal, but the main feeling is far heavier by the noisy sound, the excellent bass lines that could be well heard, and the slow/mid speed that's occasionly interrupted by intense hammering. This ominous and endlessly dark impression is truelly unmatched. The synchronizing of diversive effects, like speed changes, different style features, sound and atmosphere made "The Pain Tears" an exciting album that certainly pulls down the listener into the depths of the Netherworld.

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