Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sempiternal Deathreign - The Spooky Gloom (1989)

   While most extreme bands were straining to play so fast as they could, and to sound so intensive, overwhelming and brutal as it's possible, a few bands tried another way. The opposite way, to slow down by keeping the death metal influences.
   Sempiternal Deathreign was one of the first bands who tried themselves in death/doom. This style was one of the most unpopular ones even in the underground scene, and the earliest bands didn't existed for long. "The Spooky Gloom" is a very raw album, and combines death and doom metal influences the rawest way too. It's not a well composed album, but a disharmonic one. They hammering fast and slowing down according to their mood. Probably it wasn't meant to be something revolutionary new, only to try something different from what the main scene did. So the rudeness and aggressivity of death metal having the leading part, while the doom themes coming unexpectedly and turning the main view more exciting. These extented parts are atmospheric as well, and doesn't seem to have any connection with the previous thrashing. These unusal features making "The Spooky Gloom" interesting, alongside it's pioneer role in death/doom.

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