Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Obscenity - Suffocated Truth (1992)

   It's always a big wonder why the most awesome bands - like Obscenity - are so badly underrated, even though their music would deserve a unique rating between to the best death metal bands ever. And they could change places with many of the "elite bands" of the genre.
   Obscenity used to be a brutal death band, but "Suffocated Truth", their first album was typically old school in style. Included the awesome feeling and all the features why old school death metal could be liked. It was intense, brutal, sick and full of aggression. The vocals are on the borderline of rageful and suffocating growling, gives the effective impression that the frontman screams his soul out. In themes the most awesome anthems of the genre could be heard and the noisy sound fits perfectly to the main feeling. They are probably the most remarkable band of the German extreme metal scene on the side of Morgoth. "Suffocated Truth" is a real and original death metal masterpiece, belongs to the top records of the genre.

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