Sunday, July 30, 2017

Cianide - The Dying Truth (1992)

   While death metal had it's golden age, the basics of the less popular death/doom style were layed down in the darkest depths of the underground scene.
   Cianide's "The Dying Truth" is a death/doom masterpiece, and in importance only could be compared to Winter. It's pure, compromise-less and overwhelming heaviness, without any aesthetic or melodic features. There is no escape, no salvation or temporary break, only the inevitable approach of death. Such as Winter, their music could be a perfect example to define the features of death/doom. Heavy, strongly distorted riffs, demoralizing feeling, slow speed occasionally interrupted by fast hammering, deep growling, noisy sound and a very dark atmosphere are the main features of this musical report from the Netherworld. Even though this album is unfortunately underrated, it's an everlasting classic of the genre, that took a remarkable part to determine the basic characteristics of death/doom.

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