Saturday, July 29, 2017

Malhavoc - Premeditated Murder (1992)

   Not everyone was so fascinated by the uprising extreme metal waves to follow the same sample in self-expression. Some found other alternative ways to reach the same intensity in music.
   Malhavoc was inspired by thrash metal at the beginning, but soon they turned further into a darker direction of electronic music. They mixed metal with industrial, which was nothing new since Godflesh and Ministry appeared, but it wasn't a common ambition, nor popular before wider audience. And if the location is Canada, Skinny Puppy have to be mentioned as a possible influence too. Malhavoc went even further than the mentioned other projects and created it's own genuine style with the lyrical concept of sexuality and philosophical, societal topics. "Premeditated Murder" was the second full-lenght album of the band, which turned closer to ordinary metal compared to the first one. It shows their various influences and a less unifyed view. While the mayor part of the album is more into industrial, some songs referring to the ordinary heavy/thrash influences, and only the artificially distorted vocals are telling that it's the same band. The main view is diversive in feeling and impression, balancing between aggression, self-destruction, sexuality and chaotic randomness as the album goes on. A less known, underrated but extraordinary record of the genre!

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