Sunday, February 26, 2017

Morbid Saint - Spectrum of Death (1990)

  Morbid Saint was formed in the early '80s, but it tooked for a long while until their debut album came out. Which was their last record as well, There were countless of great one album extreme bands  in the early '90s, who shortly disappeared after the golden age of these genres ended. Or like in their case, just played for fun and were more interested in personal life career.
  "Spectrum of Death" was an excellent very noisy, insane and aggressive thrash album, a bit close to the border of death metal. Even though they were less known, probably it was one of the heaviest and wildest albums of this style, and was also in the best hands at production too. The band didn't tried to follow any trends or rules, had no specific goals either, only showed some raw musical brutality. "Spectrum of Death" made their short active period very remarkable and became an important classic with Eddie's grandma on the cover.
   Morbid Saint surprisingly regroupped after a few decades and released a new album titled as "Destruction System".

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