Friday, February 24, 2017

Exhorder - Slaughter in the Vatican (1990)

   Exhorder appeared as a very heavy and wild thrash band in the mid '80s, but for sparking wider attention in the underground scene, they had to wait for a while.
   Their debut album had an unsual title and cover art as well, and with their aggressive hammering their name became well known soon. "Isn't this voice and vocal style familar from somewhere? Does it reminds maybe to Pantera?" This similarity marked that name too, and they couldn't get rid off being compared to them. Probably their music influenced Pantera's after it is known how much Phil Anselmo was fan of the main underground scene. The criticism wasn't polite either with the comparing. But it was always known that mainstream media never acknowledged underground music, and never was able to grow through their narrow borders. "Slaughter in the Vatican" shows forward from odrinary thrash metal to the lately more popular groove metal style. Since it's a very intensive album, the repetative, cathy bumping themes are also common. They were the pioneers of groove metal as well during their short active period.

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