Saturday, February 4, 2017

Death SS - Death of Steve Sylvester (1988)

   Death SS is probably one of the oldest and most underrated metal bands from those who were inspired mostly by the horror genre and occultism.
   Their main influences were probably Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper because of their theatrical stage performances and appearence. They are active since the late '70s, so they could be an interesting example to see the development from hard rock to '80s heavy/speed metal. Of course it wasn't a plan. Stefano Silvestri only wanted to express the classical horror feeling of old comics and movies by their music, which is dedicated on this album to the most common classic characters of the genre. Similar to Exorcist, Death SS is filling a missing temporary period in metal music, and sadly they are similarly less known too because of their label's bad distribution. So they couldn't had huge influence on the main genre outside the borders of Italy, but their music could always cause exciting moments for the fans of horror based heavy metal.

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