Saturday, June 16, 2018

Sixty Watt Shaman - Ultra Electric (1998)

   Sixty Watt Shaman debuted with a quite stunning and intense debut influenced by the earliest wave of stoner rock.
   Their music became more chilling lately and reached similar intensiveness only for a few songs, but "Ultra Electric" sounded far more frustrated compared to their late works. As most stoner bands used to have plenty of '70s references, it's not surprising, that Sixty Watt Shaman was also catched by the renaissanse of old school influences, but they also liked to involve southern rock to turn their music a bit more groovy. Heavy sound and a wilder impression was in main focus, the psychedelic influences are almost completely missing from "Ultra Electric", so it was probably one of the grooviest stoner rock albums of the '90s. And their best album too. While many bands seem like to turn tired during a record, Sixty Watt Shaman did the oppoiste this time and the listener may wonder where are their boders, how far they will go. That's the freshness of a debuting band who wanted to show what they are made from, and tested themselves the same time. Party compatibility on maximum!

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