Friday, June 15, 2018

Levelled - Disintegration of Humanity (1998)

   If anyone missed old school death metal in the late '90s, it was still possible to find, but usually by too late formed bands and at uncommon locations. Levelled was one of them, and their one and only album maybe served as a nostalgia material for the most persistent death metal fans.
   As the genre went through a few changes and took different trends meanwhile, the old school styled bands didn't avoid some new influences either. "Disintegration of Humanity" was a raw experimenting album of a beginner band, and a sick and aggressive old school record the same time. Their ambitions could be compared to Phantasm, by playing something primitive and intense, but occasionally adding some melodies, atmosphere, and referring back even to the '80s by catchy guitar themes. Almost technical, but still keep returning to the simple basics. The poor sound quality also reminding to the rehearsal room-demo feeling of Phantasm. The complex and different musical influences of the band members could often result a similarly raw main view, but the experimenting ambitions had an important role too. A barely known, but interesting album!

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