Saturday, April 14, 2018

Spiritual Beggars - Another Way to Shine (1996)

   The name of Mike Amott have to sound familiar to everyone who ever was into metal music, except maybe for those who spent the past few decades in some isolated cave. He played in Carnage, Carcass and currently in Arch Enemy. After he was quit from Carcass, he started something completely new and unexpected, and founded Spiritual Beggars.
   The band's second album was an excellent proof to show that desert isn't even requiered to play desert rock, because "Another Way to Shine" had such high quality that was usual only by the best American stoner rock bands. Spiritual Beggars is probably not Mr. Amott's most popular project, but he reached the highest limits musically in this band and by this album. It wasn't just a trying to jump into an actually upcoming new genre or style, it was another way to play stoner rock by keeping the same concept. The '70s influences were not shranked only to the basics of doom metal and psychedelic rock, it's a far wider ground from which Spiritual Beggars started to build up their music. They catched the feeling very well, and successfully embedded it into the '90s. Warning, the album is also strongly party compatible!

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