Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Black Dawn - Blood for Satan (2001)

   With time plenty of newer black metal bands showed the ambition to try to exceed the classics of the genre in brutality and heaviness. Black Dawn was everything but a new band, cause they existed already since the early '90s, but the time for their full-lenght debut arrived a bit later.
   This raw, compromise-less path was already introduced in the North by Marduk, so a sample already existed for those who desired something wilder. Black Dawn also realized that the easiest way to level up the effectiveness of blackened themes is to decrease the atmospheric sound. And like taking a sample from the way how death metal bands tried to exceed each other in brutality a decade earlier, they tried to be more exaggerated all-round. In sound, speed and lyrics too by turning so evil as it's possible and so desperately satanic, that it should impress even the Dark Lord itself. This and the animalistic backing vocals somehow more reminding to Deicide, than to Norwegian black metal, and the common horror movie references are also like some Western-like influence and unusual to hear in ordinary black metal. Even though "Blood for Satan" musically fits perfectly to the rules of how this genre should sound like, it's something different, but couldn't disappoint the fans of raw blackened noise.

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