Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Immortal Fate - Beautiful (2000)

   Immortal Fate had interesting musical progress during their short active period. They started with a Bay Area thrash influenced demo in 1990, but soon they turned into death metal.
   After the "Faceless Burual" EP that was an excellent example of putrid sound, they arrived to the top of their musical progression by the demo "Beautiful", that was lately released in 2000. The band wasn't joking with experimenting, they reached the most exaggerated points, the contrast of grindcore and death/doom. These ambitions appeared on the EP too by some Autopsy influences, but on "Beautiful" they mastered this style like nobody else did before. In ordinary grindcore simple, melodic, punk influenced themes are responsible for the contrast, but in this case a demoralizing, noisy atmosphere. By that the main view takes a way darker and unfriendlier tone. These ominous, heavy themes guiding the listener into the most putrid hellpit, where only insane grinding awaits. Deep, whispering growling assisting to the main view. Some parts are so brutal on this short record, that they could impress even the well death/grind trained audience. The sound is primitive and noisy, fits perfectly to this style. "Beautiful" is definitely a masterpiece (unfortunately an very underrated and barely known one), musickness on it's defining level.

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