Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Goatsnake - Flower of Disease (2000)

   Inspired by the earliest stoner bands, Goatsnake formed in the mid '90s. They had an intense but less unified full-lenght debut that sounded like the synopsis of their musical influences.
   "Flower of Disease", their second album was like the next step, to find their own style and to forge these various influences into a whole. Previously it seemed like they are more into some groovy, '70s influenced stoner rock, but on the second album they returned like doubtlessly being into stoner/doom. The change wasn't so big, the same influences could be sensed, '70s hard rock and Black Sabbath by the themes and at the quite enjoyable mouthorgan parts, Acid King by the slow speed and atmosphere; but this time the doom features gained wider role. It's like if it was a different, more chilling and balanced band with unified and more mature sound. The main feeling is catchy and heavy the same time, and even though it's stoner/doom, it lacks any kind of too dark or demoralizing impression. At least nothing darker than what was usual in the '70s. Both their message and performance are bright and chilling (stoned), and creating some sort of balance with the old school heavy themes."Flower of Disease" is an excellent nostalgia album and background music for laid back entertainment.

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