Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Erytrosy - Incompleted Minds (1996)

   There is a long line of bands which doesn't have any specific goal with their music, only started to play something similar like their favorites played. After some styles are out of date, these bands sporadically appearing.
   For those who felt disappointed after how Cannibal Corpse changed musically or only missing their early period, Erytrosy could sound very nostalgic. Deep wild boar-like growling, raw, intense themes, and overwhelming sick feeling referring to the most popular band of the genre. In lyrics they were influenced by the early concept of Carcass, but they didn't merge into the depths of pathology so much to force the listener to get a medical textbook. Musically they were not able to reach the same intensiveness and borderless sickness like their idols did, but by "Incompleted Minds" they had made a high quality album that may be able to ease the thirst of the most obsessed fans of old school musickness. And of course to temporarily summon the spirit of the most notorious death metal legends.

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