Monday, April 16, 2018

Ascaris - Grapes of Wrath (1996)

   Ascaris had a noisy and interesting debut by "Uncured Sickness". It was interesting because it sounded like a constant struggle between a rude, less audience friendly sound and melodic ambitions. This struggle finally unfolded on their "Grapes of Wrath" EP.
   Their music developed a lot meanwhile, the raw themes, that were not always so effective as they used to be, have gone. Catchy melodies took their place and gave a very strong character to the EP by their classical heavy metal references. It's also an interesting example how to play death metal in a melodic way without turning it to melodic death metal. The old school features are there and assisted by the deep growling vocals they creating contrast with the melodic themes. They main feeling is similar like at some stoner/doom metal bands somehow, when the heaviness of the music gets mixed with catchier themes than it would be usual. The simple, middle speed drumming style just strenghtening the same impression. Ascaris definitely created a genuine masterpiece by "Grapes of Wrath", that deserved wider attention.

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