Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Gutted - Bleed for Us to Live (1994)

   While the death metal scene had it's final strain by progressive and technical tryings before it's downfall, in the latest period of it's dark resplendency also featured some bands which didn't let the most notorious old school fans to be disappointed.
   One of these bands was Gutted. The two interesting thing about them was that they came from a region that was more or less isolated from the metal scene in general (Ohio), and it was a project of three brothers. Who said that death metal cannot stick families together? Middle speed, simple, basic themes and very rude  impression were their main musical characteristics. After almost everything was done in this style already, Gutted wasn't in an easy situation to sparke interest with their gore based massive aggressiveness, but simplicity was a successful way. Partly because of the plenty of  references to the big names of the genre, and partly because it could be always refreshing to return to the main roots. By assumed influences "Bleed Us to Live" was like the mix of Brutality, Obituary and Baphomet.

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