Sunday, December 31, 2017

Gorement - The Ending Quest (1994)

   Even though Gorement had short existence and only one full-lenght album, this one emerged amongst the '90s Swedish death metal productions.
   "The Ending Quest" had all features of the Swedish scene, but the same time it was a bit different too, and unlike the ordinary Swedish death metal albums, it's easier to distingush from the others. First of all the sound had excellent quality and made the album so heavy as a death metal album should sound like. No flat sound, that may decrease the level of effectiveness. The main impression is the same way rough as it was usual, but in this case "the barking dogs seldom bite". The lyrical concept is more emotional, related to topics like melancholy and lonely suffering. They tried to complete that feeling musically too by the returning strong atmosphere and the chatchy melodies. The way how they experimented with the contrast of harsh sound and soft concept could be quite enjoyable and made "The Ending Quest" probably the most diverse old school Swedish death metal album.

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