Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Schismatic - Circle of Evolution (1993)

   Unfortunately some old school albums were hand-down only on tape for posterity, such as "Circle of Evolution" by Schismatic. That tendency affects tipically Eastern European bands, which seemed like to exist only in the shadow of the much better known Western scene.
    Schismatic certainly didn't belong in the local elite scene either with their harsh and raw death metal music, that was one of the heaviest ones compared to the other Polish extreme metal records of those times. Compromise-less spirit, dirty sound, heavy themes and very deep growling style are the main features of the "Circle of Evolution". The rawness of the album didn't come only from the poor quality or from the fresh and not completely fixed ambitions of a young band, it's more like an experimental album which may also seeked the possible borders, how further they can get. Uncommon theme compositions and ideas are already predicting the big change that the band lately brought on. but that should be detailed later. However, the album became one of the forgotten classics of the genre and points through already on ordinary death metal by it's new path-seeker ambitions.

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