Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Armagedon - Invisible Circle (1993)

   As one of the oldest Polish death metal bands, and as a main influental band on the side of Vader in the development of the local scene, the hour of Armagedon finally came.
   They had to wait for a while for their full-lenght debut, even though the band exists from the late '80s already with common breaks. The same problem they had to face with like all similar bands in the whole area: to find a studio to record their music on the preferred quality. The level of aggressiveness was impressive on "Invisible Circle", Deicide could be mentioned first in line as a possible reference, but the music and the sound are suspecting the strong influence of Swedish death metal too. They tried to turn the intense, raw brutality on the maximum. It's like an overwhelming rush that vipes everything on it's way and could be compared only to the wildest albums of the early '90s death metal era. A less known but quite remarkable and enjoyable classic!

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