Sunday, December 16, 2018

Centinex - Diabolical Desolation (2002)

   As one of the earliest Swedish death metal bands, Centinex strenghtened the local scene since the early '90s. By always showing up with high quality records, they never disappointed the fans of the Northern style of death.
   Even though the quality of their music didn't change during the decades, their style did, probably because of the line-up changes. From the late '90s the thrash influences had more focus in their music than on their older very heavy albums like on "Malleus Maleficarum". On the side of the speed-up, the heaviness of the sound and the different, cawing-like vocal style supported the even more old school feeling. On "Diabolical Desolation" they went a bit further by involving more '80s references. Even some very nostalgic heavy metal melodies could be found. This step was also a good example of the old school tendencies of the Swedish underground scene. While the rest of the world tried to find a new, modern sound and path, they turned back to the very basic roots of metal. Even though the late style of Centinex still counts as old school death metal, they preferred to dance to mosh around the borders of metal genres, that made their music colorful and more enjoyable. 

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