Sunday, June 24, 2018

Runemagick - The Supreme Force of Eternity (1998)

   Göteborg is well known about it's melodic death metal scene, but fortunately not only melodic death bands appeared there. Even though Runemagick counts as an oldie formation, and has a quite long and exciting discography, they are definitely one of the less known Swedish death metal bands. 
   For almost a decade they released demos only, but it was worth to wait, because "The Supreme Force of Eternity" became a very genuine album. It's definitely uncommon as Swedish death metal, different sound than usual, far more louder, more intense, more melodic, and includes a feeling that couldn't be compared to any other bands of the local scene. There are no signs of ordinary pagan or modern paganist references in the lyrics, but somehow their music may fit better as a soundtrack to an early medieval viking massacre. It's enough rude, aggressive and primitive, but still there are the melodies that are creating a catchy balance. And in the case of Ragnarök please go forward to song "The Supreme Force". In general it's a diverse and enjoyable album, a rare late came death metal masterpiece.

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