Saturday, March 24, 2018

Dead - You'll Never Know Pleasure - Until You've Tasted Pain (1995)

   The roots of the lately very popular pornogrind subgenre are lying in the early '90s in Germany. The style is strongly related to goregrind, except it's seeking the depths of sexual perversity instead of gore. Instead of splatter horror films, porn and everyday's aberrations serving as main inspiration.
   Unlike the ordinary pornogrind that spreaded around in the underground scene 15 years later, it's pioners like Dead had strong death metal, old schol grindcore and even punk influences. For first hearing the influence of Carcass is evident, and the album includes GG Allin covers too (that probably explains many things). Their music wasn't much different from the earliest bands of the genre, except the concept, and that they involved sometimes lighter melodies and occasionally some styles for fun that having not much to do with metal. This often ends up in morbid humor, partly because of the exaggeratated topics (like sado-masochism, BDSM, enjoyong urine and excrement), and partly because the style is not famous about taking things seriously. It's also like an attention-seeking experiment, but more like fun-made, so the outcomes are not so shocking like old grindcore was.

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