Wednesday, February 28, 2018

November Grief - To Live... In This World of Chaos (1995)

   After first listening November Grief may sound like a death metal band with such brutal ambitions, that the question may show up, why were they gone so soon? After gaining some plus information, things would seem more complex, but the question stands still.
    Similar to Mythic, November Grief was a female death metal band, but compared to Mythic they were musically more progressed, and intense, raw brutality was their concept. It wouldn't be easy to find out that female vocals could be heard. "To Live... In This World of Chaos" was only a demo, but it's clear that their music was updated both in style and sound. Even though lyrics about equality, weed legalization, or world crisis problems doesn't fit to the musical concept that much, the main impression is enough stunning. But after Christian death metal, why not? If this is the best way how to emphasize their message, and without reading the lyrics, nobody would expect that. We could also say that November Grief was ahead of it's time since nowadays plenty of bands appeared who may sound rough, but they are not into horror/gore, based topics, or anything negative at all. The difference is that while this actual direction had some specific subcultural-fashion prelude, November Grief had not such influence that time, only came with their genuine imaginations.

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